May ‘powerless’ to control Remain backbenchers

Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve has been criticised for meeting with senior members of the French government.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dominic Raab’s former special advisor has warned that remain backbenchers are undermining the government’s Brexit negotiating position my holding meeting with European politicians.

The former attorney general Dominic Grieve is meeting with senior members of the French government today, allegedly to discuss a delay to Article 50.

Nick de Bois, who served as special advisor to former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab, told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that the meeting harming government efforts to secure a concession on the Irish backstop.


Mr de Bois said: “Is it any wonder that Dominic Grieve and Stephen Barclay have come back empty-handed, because Parliament and Dominic Grieve amongst them have made it perfectly clear they want to extend Article 50 and in many cases even remain.

“All these talks and meetings with European ministers are doing nothing but encouraging the EU to say no to anything Britain is asking for at the moment.”

Mr de Bois however acknowledged the Prime Minister was “powerless” to control errant backbenchers, and called on them to support the government as negotiations entered the “eleventh hour”.

“What these people I think need to reflect on is that they should allow these last few eleventh hour negotiations to happen with the sole focus of government and Parliament on trying to get them to succeed so they can bring something back to Parliament that will give Theresa May a chance of getting a deal through,” Mr de Bois said.