'Maybe Boris Johnson is trying to get sacked': Journalist Dave Hill discusses Saudi Arabia debacle

'Boris Johnson might have decided it would be more fun being outside the government', says London commentator

Boris Johnson

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Boris Johnson might be trying to get sacked so he can return to an easier life outside the Government, journalist Dave Hill has told Sam Delaney.

Johnson has accused Saudi Arabia of abusing Islam and orchestrating proxy wars in the Middle East. The Government has swiftly distanced itself from these comments, suggesting Johnson's views don't reflect its official stance.

Hill, the Guardian's London commentator, told Sam Delaney the Government's repudiation of Johnson is "pretty extraordinary", and said Theresa May had "humiliated" her foreign minister.

He added: "I believe [Johnson's] got to go to Saudi Arabia in the next few days and the first thing he’ll have to do is explain himself.

“The question is; in whose terms is it the biggest gaffe? Is the biggest problem the relations with Saudi Arabia or is the biggest problem Boris Johnson’s relations with the Prime Minister?"

Hill went on to say that "perhaps Johnson has decided it would be more fun being outside the government, perhaps he’d quite like to be sacked." However he went on to describe the comments as "pure speculation."

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