Mayor of London has 'left it too late' to make an immediate impact on knife crime, says charity founder


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The founder of a charity which works with disadvantaged young people living on Inner London estates has claimed Sadiq Khan has "left it too late" to tackle rising instances of knife crime.

Andrew Page set up the Positive View Foundation in 2011 after witnessing first-hand the issues estates faced, including drugs, violence and gangs, following local authority budget cuts and the closure of youth clubs.

Appearing on the drive show with Eamonn Holmes to discuss a recent spate of fatal stabbings in London, Mr Page said: "The levels of gang culture which can lead on to guns and stabbings, the issues there are such that it's very serious at the moment.



"The issues being discussed by the Mayor are unrealistic, and they've left it too late to actually make an impact that will have an immediate effect."

Mr Khan said on Monday that turning the tide of violent crime in the capital city could take a "generation", after knife crime reached its highest level since 2011.

Mr Page who regularly works on some of London's most challenging estates delivering ‘Youth Empowerment' programmes said budget cuts had negatively impacted the life of young people on estates.

"The problems are the budgets have all been cut, there's no youth clubs, no areas of responsibility for taking on sport or life issues, so they have nothing to do," he told Holmes.


'Police will not go on to estates'

"There has always been, for the last ten years, a time when police will not go on to estates. That's known, and I've seen it first hand myself.

"I personally experienced two young people who, two years ago, wanted to film a documentary of life on their estate and what they have to live by, and why they're dead areas now. Sadly, two of those were shot during the filming of that. And the police never turned up, it was hushed up."



He added that young people who were in gangs were "not lunatics", and just needed "somebody to believe in them".

"Underneath all of them they have got passion, they've got a dream of life which is unable to be delivered for them at the moment, and it just needs somebody to believe in them and work with them to realise that dream."