McDonald's blasted for advert featuring boy and his dead father

McDonald's blasted for advert of boy reminiscing about his dead dad

The advert shows a boy discovering the only thing he has in common with his dad is a Filet-O-Fish

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

McDonald's faces a Pepsi-style PR headache after its latest advert brought a whirlwind of criticism.

In the advert, a young boy is shown asking his mother questions about his dead dad. 

The mother lists qualities his father had and makes apparent the boy lacks them - like a talent for football and brown eyes. 

However, when the boy orders a Filet-O-Fish, his mother tells him it was his dad's favourite meal as well - suggesting it's the only thing they have in common. 

The advert has generated flak on Twitter for "targeting the bereaved market". 

See the advert here: