McDonald's to introduce knives and forks for customers in France

McDonald's to introduce knives and forks for customers in France

Cutlery is being introduced at McDonald's in France (Stock image)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Have you ever been to McDonald's and wished you had a knife and fork to eat your meal?

To be honest, not really... it isn't really that kind of place, is it? But apparently some people want that sort of comfort, and now they can have it (provided they live in France).

The fast food chain is set to stock knives and forks at the 1,400 outlets in France so that customers won't have to use their hands to eat their meal, according to Le Figaro.

The plan to allow customers to use cutlery was first trialed in 10 restaurants and McDonald's said the trial was successful.

But cutlery is not available to those who purchase products such as the Big Mac or cheeseburger. Instead knives and forks are only given out with gourmet burgers that are part of the McDonald’s Signature Collection.

Xavier Royaux, head of marketing for McDonald’s in France, said: “Cutlery is an evolution, not a break with the past."

He also said the idea of allowing customers to use cutlery is being implemented in order to keep up with competition.

Royaux said: “For a long time now we have seen a change in the burger market, a multiplication of offers, among these the offers of gourmet burgers, so as a pioneer it is vital we position ourselves."