'Media attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour NEC members means nothing to public', says George Galloway

'Media attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour NEC members means nothing to public', says George Galloway

George Galloway says the public don't know who the NEC members are

Monday, January 22, 2018

George Galloway says the media has launched an attack on Jeremy Corbyn and Labour due to fear that the veteran left-winger will soon come to power.

Three new members have been elected to Labour's National Executive Committee (NEC), all of whom are part of the pro-Corbyn campaign group Momentum. The news has been greeted with condemnation by the right-wing press, which has suggested that Corbyn's supporters will now start to deselect moderate MPs.

Speaking to Alex Nunns, author of a book on Corbyn, our talkRADIO host said the attack on the Labour leader "that has been unleashed [by the media] makes me think that maybe they think that Jeremy Corbyn is coming."

Focusing on one specific change to the Labour NEC, he said that "somebody called Ann Black [is being replaced] by somebody called Christine Shawcroft" as chair of the body's disciplinary panel.

He added that "nobody [is] either talking or listening knows anything about either of them, but it’s being talked of and talked up as a threat to our way of life."

Galloway added that moderate Labour MP Liz Kendall appeared on television with Andrew Neil and she had been "lecturing a young black woman over and over again in a rather offensive, condescending way that internal battles are not the way to the country's heart.'

Yet, he claims "she and her friends have spent the last two years coordinating the resignations from the front bench... stabbing Corbyn in the front, back and side [and] collaborating with Labour’s enemies."

Nunns, the author of The Candidate, believes "the Conservatives are in a mess and so the Conservative supporting media has to divert people's attention" with reports on Labour.

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