'Meghan Markle makes Prince Harry feel he can get away from the pomp and ceremony', says commentator

'Meghan Markle makes Prince Harry feel he can get away from pomp and the ceremony'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged this month

Monday, November 27, 2017

Both Prince Harry and Prince William love their partners but have chosen them as they "feel like they can get away from all the pomp and the ceremony and the Royal kind of trimmings."

That’s according to James Brookes, the director of communications at news website Royal Central.

Clarence House has announced that Harry and American actress Markle, star of legal drama Suits, are engaged. The wedding is expected to take place in spring next year.

Brookes also told Julia Hartley-Brewer that because Prince Harry and Prince William had "aspects of normality [in their upbringing] they feel as if they I suppose have more in common with their respective partners."

He believes the wedding will "have its own touch it’ll have the couple’s own input and own stamp on it".

But there will be "traditionalists out there...people who say 'oh no you can’t do that you can’t get married here, you can’t get married there'," due to Markle's divorce and other aspects of her background.

He also thinks Prince Harry has a place "within a lot of people’s hearts. He is seen as a very down to earth and very kind of relatable Royal in essence."

However the journalist added: "It’s worth putting it into a bit of perspective, although it is fantastic news for the couple and for the Royals it is worth thinking that there are some more important stories out there."

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