Melanie Sykes says she'll be staying single after hearing the horrors of 'micro-cheating'

'I’m going to stay single, it’s blissful' - Melanie Sykes and Jamie East get the lowdown on micro-cheating

Melanie Sykes says it's blissful to be single

Monday, January 15, 2018

talkRADIO's new signing Melanie Sykes says she's happy to be single after hearing about the hornet's next that is "micro-cheating" online.

Mel and co-host Jamie East spoke to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings about the new trend of micro-cheating, a term coined by psychologist Dr Martin Graff to describe sneaky online behaviour such as checking out your ex's social media accounts and perusing the pictures of someone other than your partner.

Hemmings said that, when weighing up whether this kind of behaviour is ok, you should "ask yourself the question 'would my partner accept this as perfectly ok?'"

But Mel said this was wrong, as a better question would be "how would I feel if my partner was doing this" because "you can justify yourself away."

Jamie also claimed this all sounded rather American and it prompted Mel to decide "I’m going to stay single, it’s blissful honestly!!"


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