Men's rights activist elected to join Women and Equalities Committee says 'some feminists don't believe in equality'

MP Philip Davies 'wholeheartedly in favour' of removing the word "women" from Equalities Committee name

Philip Davies (Credit: Twitter @NicholasHDM)

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The men's rights campaigner who has been elected to Parliament's Women and Equalities Committee has told Julia Hartley-Brewer that "some people who overtly campaign as feminists don't believe in equality."

MP Philip Davies also said he is "wholeheartedly in favour" of removing the word 'women' from the name of his committee. 

Davies, the MP for Shipley was recently elected to join the equality committee unopposed. He has courted controversy in the past - in August, he said “feminist zealots” were “stirring up” problems, as well as claiming a number of women wanted equality “only when it suits”.

He repeated his concerns to Julia, saying that while "feminist zealots" represent only a small minority of the wider feminist movement, their selective approach to equality is, in his eyes, a major problem.

Davies also said the point of an all-party select committee is to have "a range of opinions", and revealed he was "wholeheartedly in favour" of removing the word 'women' from the name of the committee because "gender should be unimportant and everyone should be treated the same."

Listen to the interview above.