MEP Syed Kamall blasts 'wealthy' Brexit challengers for 'trying to block will of the people'

'Clearly, wealthy people want to block the will of the British people' - MEP Syed Kamall blasts Gina Miller and other plaintiffs in the Supreme Court Brexit case

Syed Kamall (Centre)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

MEP Syed Kamall has claimed Gina Miller and other plaintiffs in the Brexit legal case are not trying to make parliament more accountable, they simply want to "block the will of the British people". 

Yesterday, the Supreme Court began deliberations on what's been seen as one of the most importantant constitutional cases in history.

By the end of it, 11 Supreme Court justices will have decided whether Theresa May can implement Article 50 on her own or whether she requires parliamentary approval before starting negotiations with the European Union.

Mr. Kamall, the Conservative MEP for London, claimed he was "confident the will of the people will be upheld", even if the case does not go the government's way.

He said that "most people recognise we had a referendum and we voted to leave", with only "wealthy people" and "hard-core remainers" deperately trying to stop Brexit. 

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