Merkel blasts Erdogan for Nazi slur as diplomatic tensions mount

Angela Merkel blasts President Erdoğan for Nazi comparison insult in growing diplomatic spat

The German Chancellor condemned remarks about Nazism made by the Turkish President

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Angela Merkel has hit back at an insult made by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan where he claimed Nazism was still present in Germany. 

There's been a growing diplomatic row between the two countries after concerns of overcrowding resulted in German authorities cancelling two rallies in support of Mr Erdogan's government in Cologne and Gaggenau. 

In a video posted online on Anadolu - the state news agency - Mr Erdogan was seen venting his anger at this cancellation, saying: "I thought Nazism was over in Germany, but turns out it's still going on."

The German Chancellor condemned this remark, saying: "You can't even comment on such utterances, they aren't justifiable,"

She made it clear such comments were out of place in an election, but she wanted to maintain the economic closeness between Germany and Turkey, as well as their co-operation over terrorist matters.