Merkel's latest Brexit comments actually help Theresa May, says political editor

'Angela Merkel's Brexit comments on UK politicians are actually beneficial for Theresa May', says political editor

Angela Merkel said UK politicians are living under an illusion (Stock image)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Angela Merkel's comments on British politicians are beneficial to both herself and Theresa May, according to the editor of The Times' Red Box political podcast.

The German chancellor has claimed British politicians are living under the illusion that the UK will keep most of the rights it currently enjoys as an EU member when it leaves.

Matt Chorley told Julia Hartley-Brewer that her comments are a good way of showing she's committed to the EU and it is bound together in this message.

For Theresa May, Chorley said, the comments show that the EU is taking a harsh line on the UK, which suits her because her message is about strong and stable leadership to go up against the EU.

He also believes the fact people are joking about May's phrase "strong and stable leadership" shows her message is getting through to voters, however she needs to release some policies now, in order to get a mandate at the general election. 

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