Met police clothing line will ‘make a lot of money from tourists’, says PR expert

Met police clothing line will ‘make a lot of money from tourists’, says PR expert

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

PR expert Mark Borkowski has said that people from the UK may 'laugh' but the Metropolitan Police’s new merchandise range could 'make them a lot of money'.

The Metropolitan Police are planning to launch a range of clothing, homeware, toys and souvenirs.

Mr Borkowski told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright: “We have all been to those dodgy fancy dress parties that we have tried to forget about and I am not sure what type of trinkets they are going to produce.

“It has produced a bit of a negative PR conversation about the desperation to sell merchandise to get fun bobbies back on the beat.”

“The issue here is that merchandising does work though it is weird that they announced this on the edge of Halloween.

“Police dramas like BBC’s Bodyguard is so popular that there is income drawn into it.

“I think there is some definite confidence that it is going to make a lot of money.

“I think you can have a laugh about what you can produce and there are some gags that have come out of it but they can make a sizeable about of money.

“We are laughing about it but buyers probably won’t.”


'It is collectable' 

It is hoped that the range will raise hundreds and thousands to fund the police force as it deals with budget cuts.

Scotland Yard hopes to follow the example of the New York Police Department, which has been selling merchandise for more than 15 years.

Mr Borkowski described the range as “collectable”.

“Let’s face it, we wander around the West End and it always bewilders me about how many tuck shops there are selling snow scenes of parliament,” he said.

“Bobbies are already in production as well as Beefeaters. There are a huge amount of tourists that come to our streets and it is a very positive thing for London.

“There has been a huge knock-on effect from 2012 so I am sure we are not going to be considering buying Met Police baseball caps but I think thousands of tourists will.

“I think it is a collectable.”