Metropolitan Police constable dismissed for dodging £7 fare

The inquiry found gross misconduct proven

The inquiry found gross misconduct proven

Thursday, December 7, 2017

A special constable in Enfield has been dismissed from the Metropolitan Police Service for dodging a fare worth just £7.

SPC Uzair Siddiqi attended a public gross misconduct hearing on Monday December 7 and Tuesday December 5 to answer allegations that his conduct amounted to a breach of the Met’s standards of professional behaviour in respect of ‘honesty and integrity’ and ‘discreditable conduct’.

On Thursday, 16 February, SPC Siddiqi travelled on a South West Trains service from Surbiton to London Waterloo station without a valid ticket or permit to travel. The ticket costs £7.10.

At the ticket barrier at London Waterloo station, Siddiqi presented a TfL police Oyster card that was not valid for travel on South West Trains services.

Siddiqi was reported for fare evasion, however agreed to settle out of court, paying a fee of £87.10. Siddiqi failed to report the matter to his employers, despite having previously signed a Statement of Expectation for Special Constables which outlined his responsibilities. He had attended new recruit training where the correct use of the police Oyster card was highlighted.

The hearing panel found gross misconduct proven and Siddiqi was dismissed without notice.