Mexican drug cartels may be armed with weaponised drones

Mexican drug cartels may be armed with weaponised drones

Drones and explosives have been found in Mexico

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Mexican drug cartels could have weaponised drones which work with remote detonators, according to reports.

Earlier this month police in Mexico found that four men travelling in a pickup truck were carrying a drone which was fitted with an explosive device and also had a remote detonator.

Police also discovered that the men were in possession of an AK-47 rifle, according to The International Business Times.

It is not clear whether the men are linked to a drug cartel, but the area they were travelling in, Guanajuato, is thought to be rife with drug cartels, according to Small Wars Journal fellow Dr Robert Bunker.

Reports also suggest that some cartels have been using hand grenade-sized IEDs, known as potato bombs, both on one another and against police. Bunker suggests the explosives described by police in Mexico sounded like these devices.

But Bunker told Motherboard that if drug cartels are using drones with weapons then it is not a shock, considering they have used drones to transport drugs for some time.

The author of Wired for War, Peter W Singer, also said he is not surprised at the revelation as it is not the first time drones have been used as weapons, as Isis has already done this.

But Singer added that this is not too concerning as he describes the drones as a "tool" instead of "a game-changing capability."