Mexican prison riot leaves 28 inmates dead and three wounded

Mexican prison riot leaves 28 inmates dead and three wounded

Relatives struggled against riot police

Friday, July 7, 2017

A riot at a prison in Mexico has left 28 inmates dead, with reports that people were beaten to death or had their throats slit.

The riot is said to be the deadliest seen in the country since 49 inmates were killed during violence at Topo Chico prison in Monterrey last year.

A security spokesperson for the state of Guerrero said the riot began due to a feud between rival groups in the facility.

Roberto Alvarez revealed that bodies were found in various locations including the maximum security wing, prison yard, kitchen and visits area.

He also announced that three other inmates were wounded in the violent clash, Times Now reported.

An internal state police report claims guns were fired in the maximum security wing and it is thought they were fired by prisoners.

A security cordon has now been set up around Las Cruces federal prison in Acapulco as state police have regained control, working with riot police and the army.

Relatives gathered outside the prison after hearing about the riot and called for information about those they knew. 

The governor of Guerrero has called for an investigation into staff at the prison, according to Alvarez.

Many riots have been breaking out in Mexican prisons as they are often overcrowded and there is a lot of corruption. Prisoners are often said to have de facto control.