Mhairi Black, Britain's youngest MP, could quit Parliament because it's 'depressing'

Youngest MP elected in centuries in 2015 General Election could quit after one term, citing 'depressing' Parliament

Mhairi Black became the youngest MP elected for 350 years in the 2015 general election at the age of 20

Monday, March 13, 2017

The youngest MP elected to Parliament for over 350 years has said she might quit after just one term. 

SNP lawmaker Mhairi Black was elected to represent Paisley and Renfrewshire South in the 2015 General Election at the age of 20. 

Speaking to the Sunday Post, the MP, now 22, admitted she hates Westminster because of "personal elements."

She said it could be a "depressing" place where nothing gets done, and also revealed she could be disquieted by the people she had to work with.  

When the paper asked her if she would stand for a new term in 2020, she said she didn't know, and advised people to only stand in politics if they truly believed there to be a need for them to be there.