Michael Fabricant on harassment: 'I'd thump someone behaving inappropriately towards me in a taxi'

MP Michael Fabricant on harassment allegations: 'I'd thump someone behaving inappropriately towards me in a taxi'

Michael Fabricant joined Sam Delaney

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

MP Michael Fabricant has said if someone behaved inappropriately towards him in a taxi, as it is alleged he did, he would have thumped them.

The Tory MP has said he has no recollection of allegations that he behaved inappropriately with a male journalist in a taxi, which were published in a dossier.

He told Sam Delaney he has spoken to journalists about the allegation and “they don’t know about it either so it’s not as if any journalists have sort of mentioned it to anyone​.

"If somebody had done that to me I would’ve written a story about it or thumped the guy."

He also revealed “I remember having my bottom pinched when I was a new member of Parliament by a bloke.”

Fabricant believes reporting these incident to your whip as you are supposed to at the moment is wrong as “the whip is not really the right people to be doing this sort of work.

"MPs do sort of look on whips as not being there to help you because in many ways they are, but with some suspicion."

He thinks instead an external organisation is needed which “can do a proper and thorough investigation.” But he added: “I wouldn’t say the House of Commons is any worse than any other organisation which works long hours.”

Reports also say Fabricant claimed yesterday (October 31) that it is not fair to accuse MPs of sexual assault if "everyone was sloshed."

But he said: “I don’t think I actually said that it as part of a long interview I did on Newsnight.”

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