Michael Gove says Britain and Labour deserve better than Jeremy Corbyn

'It's the right decision' - Michael Gove MP backs Theresa May over election call, lambasts Jeremy Corbyn

The MP and former Cabinet member spoke to Paul about the Prime Minister's announcement

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Michael Gove MP has hit out at Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ahead of the General Election, saying Mr Corbyn's party, and his country, deserve better.

Gove also said Theresa May had made "the right decision" by calling a snap election, even though it had left him completely shocked.

Ms May is widely expected to earn a convincing majority over Labour and the other opposition parties in the forthcoming vote, and although some have suggested it is in the Tories' interests for Mr Corbyn to stay, Gove rubbished this notion when talking to Paul Ross.

Gove said Labour voters were "poorly served" by Mr Corbyn, claiming the cornerstone of democracy was a solid opposition - and it is vital that Mr Corbyn is ousted as soon as possible.

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