Michael Gove says a Jeremy Corbyn premiership is more dangerous for Britain than a no-deal Brexit

Michael Gove was put on the spot regarding to of the biggest political topics of the moment

Michael Gove said Corbyn was a huge threat to the UK

Monday, October 2, 2017

Michael Gove has said a Jeremy Corbyn premiership would be worse for Britain than a no-deal Brexit, during a live debate at the Tory Party Conference organised by talkRADIO.

Gove was speaking alongside Grant Shapps, the Tories' former co-chairman and Katie Perrior, Theresa May's former communications director in Downing Street, during a debate moderated by Julia Hartley-Brewer.

The Environment Secretary was responding to a question from the audience about which of the two events would be a bigger threat to the future of the country.

However he refused to say which was more likely, joking that he gave up predicting things when he thought he had a realistic chance of leading the Conservative Party.

Shapps echoed Gove's sentiment, answering the question by saying "Corbyn, absolutely, every time." He added that, although he was initially against Brexit, he is now warming to the idea.

"I'm starting to think no deal would be best," Shapps said. "After the Tory conference I think the EU will up our leaving bill to £40bn." 

Turning to events overseas, Gove said the violence witnessed during Catalonia's independence referendum was "a tragedy" but refused to condemn the Spanish government for what transpired.

Shapps, however, said the violence was "disgusting" while Perrior said the real question was now how the EU responds.

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