Michael Jackson 'innocent' posters removed from London buses

MJ Innocent London bus advert

The posters will be removed from London busses following complaints.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Posters proclaiming the innocence of Michael Jackson are to be removed from public transport in London.

The posters are part of a campaign against the allegations made in the Leaving Neverland documentary that Jackson sexually abused two young fans.

Transport for London announced that it will be taking the posters down for "public sensitivity" reasons, having initially signed off the campaign.



Anika from MJInnocent.com, which crowdfunded the posters, told talkRADIO the removal of them was an "attack on free speech".

“We think TfL’s decision is an attack not only on free speech but on the principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty and we think that’s a dangerous position to take," she said.

“We have made clear on numerous occasions our campaign is very specific on Michael Jackson not a commentary on sexual abuse at all.

“Any genuine victim must be supported and any genuine victim should be taken seriously, but they should expect due process to be followed, that’s what we should expect in civilised society.”


Adverts 'triggered survivors' 

'Leaving Neverland' alleges Michael Jackson abused two young fans, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, over a period of several years. 

The posters were removed following several complaints by sexual abuse survivors charities to the Victims Commissioner, Baroness Newlove.

A spokesperson for the Survivors Trust said: "We were contacted by a number of survivors who had seen the adverts and were triggered by them. 

"After hearing reports of the recent advertising campaign on London buses, we are very pleased to hear that TfL London has responded with the decision to remove them."

A TfL spokesperson said: ““We have reviewed our position and will be removing these advertisements.

“They have been rejected due to the public sensitivity and concern around their content.”

The posters will be removed within around a week.