Michigan's 'Mayor of Hell' declares heterosexuality illegal - and is impeached immediately

Mayor of Michigan town impeached after declared heterosexuality illegal

Elijah Daniel was the mayor of Hell for a grand total of three hours

Friday, September 1, 2017

The mayor of a small town in Michigan with a rather unfortunate name found himself impeached after taking a satirical stand against Donald Trump. 

Elijah Daniel, a satirist and writer of erotic fiction involving the US President, temporarily assumed office after paying $100 (£77) to the organisers of the town of Hell. 

Almost immediately after he was sworn in as Mayor of Hell, Daniels issued the following proclamation:

However, this jest didn't appear to go down well with the organisers, who promptly impeached him.

From the point he had assumed office to the time he was forced out, Daniel had served a grand total of three hours.

However, he appeared to take his dismissal in good spirits: