Midlands police officer attacked with acid by burglars

Acid attacks: Police officer still receiving treatment after attack two years ago

Many have been outraged at a rise in acid attacks

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Police Federation has released details of a horrific acid attack which may have scarred an officer for life.

Sara Skinner was alone on patrol when the attack took place in Lillington, Leamington Spa in 2015. 

Skinner noticed a stolen BMW parking outside a house that had already been a victim of two burglaries that year. She then saw three people leave the car and and attempt to break in.

However once the burglars knew she was nearby they immediately attacked her and poured liquid over her face which also went into her eyes.

Skinner then lay still to avoid further attack and called for other police officers. When other police officers arrived at the scene the car was driven away at speed and over Skinner's bike.

Four suspects from the crime were later arrested and handed custodial sentences for a variety of offences.

The liquid used in the attack was also identified by a forensic scientist as ammonium hydroxide and Skinner is still receiving treatment for her injuries two years on for the attack.

The police officer has been given a Chief Constable's Commendation for her work on the day as it helped to imprison gang members guilty of a series of crimes.