Migrants clash in Calais leaving four teenagers in critical condition

Migrants clash in Calais leaving four teenagers in critical condition

Many were still gathered after the fighting died down

Friday, February 2, 2018

Clashes between Afghans and Africans in Calais have left four teenage Eritrean migrants in a critical condition and more than 15 others injured, according to authorities.

Local prosecutors said the migrants in the worst conditions had to undergo surgery and a further 18 also had to be taken to hospital yesterday (February 1).

Two police officers also sustained injuries, according to The Guardian.

It is claimed the fighting began after an Afghan fired a gun, resulting in clashes for almost two hours between around 100 Eritreans and roughly 30 Afghans, who had been waiting for food.

Local prosecutors also claim there was a separate clash later at an industrial site where more than 100 Eritreans fought around 20 Afghans, some armed with iron rods. However, the police regained control more quickly in that instance.

The violence is the worst Calais has seen since last year when 16 people were injured in a similar incident.

There are often skirmishes between migrants in the port as many are in the area attempting to cross the Channel to the UK.

After the 'Jungle' camp in Calais was destroyed by authorities in 2016 many of the migrants moved into woods and are often involved in confrontations with police.

Charities estimate there are around 800 migrants living in Calais but official figures claim there are between 550 and 600.