Mike Graham accuses Alastair Campbell of being 'metropolitan elite'

People's Vote campaign

Alastair Campbell denied the Peoples Vote campaign was predominantly 'London metropolitan elites'.

Friday, March 22, 2019

People’s Vote campaigner Alastair Campbell has hit out at accusations that the campaign is for members of the "metropolitan elite".

Large numbers of protesters are expected to turn out for the ‘Put it to the People’ march in London this weekend.

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham however accused second referendum campaigners of being “middle class” and relying on support from “celebrity luvvies”.

Mr Campbell responded: “One of the worst things in this debate is that the country is constantly trying to separate ourselves.

“I’m willing to accept that people of all backgrounds voted to leave but I wish the leave campaign would stop pretending that remainers are all some kind of London metropolitan elite.

“There will be hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country at the march tomorrow, exploding the myth that the north isn’t interested, that the west isn’t interested.”

Mike also disagreed with Mr Campbell’s belief that many of the people calling for a second referendum voted for leave in 2016.

He added: “We have to at some point admit that people in a majority have already voted to do so, so have a second vote by all means but wait until we’ve enacted the first one.”

Mr Campbell replied:  "You also have to admit that in a democracy it's perfectly proper for MPs to study the detail of legislation as it goes though the commons, that is their job, and it’s perfectly proper for the public to continue to express their view.”


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