Mike Graham asks Trump critic 'why don't you go back to America?'

State of the Union: 'Donald Trump gave an ugly, narrow-minded, miserable speech'

Donald Trump has given his first State of the Union speech

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Mike Graham and Katie Perrior had a chat with a prominent Trump critic today, culminating in Mike asking her why she doesn't go back to America.

Karin Robinson, an American living in the UK, was full of hate for Donald Trump, and Mike took exception to some of her comments.

Robinson, the former vice-chair of Democrats Abroad, said Trump's speech was ugly, narrow-minded and a miserable version of America.

She added that "it’s not going well for [Trump], it’s not going well for America" although she will at least "give him credit for not destroying" the economy.

However Mike, who used to live in America himself, thought Robinson went too far, suggesting that Trump has actually done some good things for the people of his country.

Listen to the full interview above