Mike Graham berates former minister calling for 'patience' on Brexit

Sam Gyimah

The former minister said the public must be "patient" as MPs decide on a Brexit strategy.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Conservative MP Sam Gyimah and talkRADIO’s Mike Graham have clashed after the former minister said the public must be “patient” with MPs over Brexit.

Mr Gyimah, who became the seventh minister to resign in protest against Theresa May’s deal in December, said the indicative votes were a useful starting point for discussion.

He added: “We got a better sense of where, if you could get a majority for something, where it could lie. Let us have patience, right?”

Mike responded: “Patience, are you joking? No, the one thing people are not is patient because we’ve been waiting three years for this to be worked out.

“You guys are charged with finding a way through this, of course it’s difficult but that’s your job.”

Mr Gyimah said he believed politicians had been misleading in suggesting the UK could leave the EU in the short time-frame allowed by Article 50.

“When tiny Greenland left the EEC, t took them two years and 11 months, so the idea that after 45 years in the EU the fifth largest economy in the world could actually do this in two years is fanciful in itself,” Mr Gyimah said.

“We know what the public think and want, but at the same time being bored is not a reason to consign your country to a poorer future, which is why I’m still opposing Theresa May’s deal.”

Mr Gyimah added that he believed any deal passed by MPs should be submitted to the public for a confirmatory referendum. 


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