Mike Graham berates ‘militant’ unions over back to school row

Monday, May 18, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has strongly criticised teachers’ unions for not wanting schools to reopen next month.

The vast majority of children in the UK have been learning from home for the past eight weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The government has said it aims to implement a phased approach to getting pupils back to the classroom from June 1, starting with Reception, Year one and Year six classes.

But the National Education Union (NEU) has opposed the move, calling on the government to satisfy five tests before teachers are asked to return to the workplace.

These include a sustained fall in the number of Covid-19 cases and a national plan for social distancing and personal protective equipment in schools.

WATCH: Teacher Calvin Robinson criticises the unions

But secondary school teacher Calvin Robinson told Mike the union's demands were “impossible”.

He said: “The unions used to be there to look after and protect the workers, in this case the teachers, and they’ve become political entities in and of themselves.”

Following the discussion, Mike said: “Most teachers in this country are not militant, most teachers in this country are not fanatical Labour activists… Most teachers are like Calvin, they want kids back in school.”

He argued that pupils, particularly those with upcoming exams, need a return to routine and to a learning environment.

He concluded: “It’s as simple as that and I can’t understand why only lefty, militant, union, teachers are the ones who are frightened of going back to work. What an absolute load of tosh.”

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