Mike Graham clashes with Labour MP Alex Cunningham over working-class retirement age

Alex Cunningham (Left) suggested state pensions should reflect health, income, and nature of employment

Mike Graham had a major clash with Labour MP Alex Cunningham over a suggestion he made about retirement age. 

Cunningham, the MP for Stockton North and the shadow work and pensions minister, called for the retirement age - which currently stands at 67 - to reflect health, income, and the nature of an individual's employment. 

In an interview on talkRADIO, he clarified what his suggestion would mean.

He said: "Millions of working people who have worked extremely hard all their lives - they get into ill health in their late 50s, some are lucky to make it to retirement age. 

"There's 16 years of life difference for the more affluent people and the ones who live at the bottom of the financial pile, in poverty.

"What I want to achieve is an opportunity for people likely to die younger because of the lifestyle they've had to be given to the opportunity to live in healthy retirement."

He soon clashed with Mike Graham over this, while Lembit Opik mediated. 

Watch above.