Mike Graham clashes with Peter Hitchens over Covid-19 response

Monday, April 6, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham and columnist Peter Hitchens have come to blows over the UK’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

During the feisty debate on Mike’s mid-morning show, the host told his guest: “You’re not the all time master of everything that you purvey.”

Mr Hitchens had been making the case against the lockdown steps taken by the government as “a mistake and a disproportionate reaction”.

He argued that Downing Street and experts had “gravely underestimated the damage” of the measures on both the economy and personal liberty.

Mike countered that he did not feel the “stay at home” advice was an “infringement” of his freedom and argued that, while “it's all very well to be cynical about the government”, it is important to remember that coronavirus is a “very unprecedented situation.”

Mr Hitchens disagreed, saying: “These things will have huge damage on human life and the question has to be, is this the correct strategy?

“If we just say the government’s right and there is no opposition and no discussion - there has never been in the history of man - and this is what we have free societies and why they've always been so successful - there has never been a policy which does not benefit from serious responsible criticism and opposition.

“That’s why we have an opposition in this country, to make sure this happens. The official opposition in this country has failed to oppose.”

Mike responded: “I think it’s too early for us to know whether this is the right thing for us to do and I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

Watch the full debate above.

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