Mike Graham condemns ‘Three Stooges’ of political media

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has criticised political journalists for their line of questioning to Dominic Cummings’ over his alleged lockdown breach.

The Prime Minister’s chief adviser yesterday gave an unprecedented briefing to explain why he had travelled 260 miles to from London to Durham while coronavirus movement restrictions were in place.

Mike described the subsequent media questioning as a “fiasco” and labelled ITV’s Robert Peston, the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg and Sky News’ Beth Rigby “the Three Stooges”.

“The depths to which journalism in the country has sunk is really quite something to behold,” he told listeners on his mid-morning show.

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He said that instead of reporting on death and infection rates, the “bozos” in the media were insisting on keeping the focus on Mr Cummings.

“The mass ranks of Her Majesty’s Press piled on a very calm and measured Dominic Cummings.

“Even after he explained in perfectly understandable terms what he had done, when he had done it and where it had all happened, they still wanted more - more details, more apologies, more regrets, more recriminations.”

However, former Downing Street adviser Tim Montgomerie argued that the press were asking the questions that the public wanted answering.

“I do think it’s a big issue and I was glad that the press did their job yesterday - they were certainly representing me,” he told Mike.

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