Mike Graham on coronavirus: ‘I’m sick to death of panic merchants’

Monday, March 16, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has criticised “panic merchants” amid the coronavirus pandemic and compared their claims to the warnings of anti-Brexit campaigners.

It was in reaction to the spike in panic buying and stockpiling seen across UK supermarkets as people prepare to self-isolate or work from home.

With growing fear over the spread of Covid-19, scores of shoppers have been stocking up on essentials such as toilet roll and pasta.

So much so, that members of the British Retail Consortium have sent a joint letter to consumers urging them shop responsibly and ensure there is enough food for the country.

And Mike agreed that “there is no need to panic buy” as he urged people not to worry about something they “can do nothing about”.

He said today: “I'm sick to death of listening to all of these panic merchants, people who want to give you more bad news, who want to make you retreat into your shell and fear that the worst is happening to you and that the world is all going to come to a terrible end.

“These are the same people, I'm afraid, who were telling you that Brexit was going to result in no goods in the shops and no medicines on the chemist's floor - I mean it's just ridiculous.

“So please, do take all of the precautions that you are being told to take, do continue to wash your hands as much as you possibly can, do continue to protect those elderly people and those with underlying health conditions who are most at risk.

“But do not, for heaven's sake, worry overly about something that you can do nothing about.”

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