Mike Graham gets rather defensive when Porky questions his marriage record

Mike Graham gets defensive after Porky questions his marriage record

A listener had written in to say Porky often has a pop at him over his marriage

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mike Graham got defensive after Mike 'Porky' Parry questioned his track record as a husband during their talkRADIO cover slot on Tuesday. 

The Two Mikes are covering Jon Holmes, and the topic of marriage came up when a listener wrote in to ask why Porky always "had a pop" at Mike Graham over his marriage. 

MG said the question was a perfectly valid one, as Porky mentioned it all the time. He asked his chubby sidekick if he'd make the same criticisms of Roman Abramovich - the owner of Chelsea Football Club, who announced he was splitting from his wife on Monday. 

Graham asked Parry: "Would you say [to Abramovich] 'look at the state of you, you've got the morals of an alley cat?'

"You wouldn't, because he's wealthier than you and you'd worry he might give you a slap."

When Porky came back at his co-star, Graham said: "The trouble with you is you veer away from the truth so rapidly you forget what you said. 

"My children are very happy with me, my ex-wife was very well provided for, and no one has any complaints."

Listen above.