Mike Graham: 'If Manchester is so good, why won't United boss Jose Mourinho move there?'

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has still to move to Manchester

Jose Mourinho has yet to move to Manchester despite having worked in the city for over a year

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Mike Graham had a rather fiery exchange with a northerner on his show this afternoon, suggesting that Manchester isn't quite as good as he thinks.

Darryl Morris, who hosts his own show on local radio in Manchester, gave us a call to extol the virtues of his home city after statistics showed people in the north die younger than their southern counterparts.

Morris said Manchester was the "greatest place in the universe" and "the city of ambition and endeavour." He went on to list Manchester's many achievements, from Jodrell Bank to the suffragette movement.

But Graham, born and raised in London, had little truck for his guest, saying Morris was "desperately trying to make up for something," and there was "no need to make up some agenda about why you're great."

Our presenter also pointed out that the manager of Manchester United doesn't even live in the city, despite having been at Old Trafford for more than a year.

"Jose Mourinho, the world's greatest football manager, doesn't want to live there," Graham said. "He's in a hotel."

Things got increasingly heated as Graham accused Morris of being "confused" and of casting unfair aspersions on his character.

Mike Parry tried to provide his typical calm and reassurance, but his efforts were sadly unsuccessful. However he did helpfully point out that Jodrell Bank isn't actually a bank at all, which was enlightening.

Listen to the audio above. 

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