Mike Graham: 'Michael Gove has ruined the school system in this country'

Mike Graham and Katie Perrior argue over politicians being 'radical' like Michael Gove

Katie Perrier countered that Gove is a 'radical' who gets things done

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mike Graham and Katie Perrior got into a heated row over Michael Gove.

Katie said "more politicians should be like Michael Gove because he’s radical." But Mike claimed "he’s not radical, he’s ruined the school system in the country."

She moved on and admitted "I don't agree with him on vote leave and things like that," which led Mike to say "he was one of those who thought he could get himself into Downing Street on the back of a leave remain row, and he was wrong."

Katie argued: "He is radical and I look across Parliament and I look across Cabinet and I think to myself what have you done, what have you done in the last six months or what have you done six weeks?

"You haven’t really done a lot and that's the problem. That’s why people lose faith in politicians because they don’t do enough."

Mike replied "just doing things is not necessarily the way to go."

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