Mike Graham to ranting caller: 'You don't like the media, you don't like mosques - are you a parody?'

Mike Graham to ranting caller: 'You don't like the media, you don't like mosques - are you a parody?'

Thursday, August 9, 2018

When Mike Graham was confronted with an angry caller ranting about “hate preachers” and “Sharia law”, he managed to turn what could have been an unpleasant encounter into something more amusing.

Rudy from Exeter called to let Mike and co-host Dawn Neesom know his “point of view” that “you’re getting all these people coming out saying how offensive it is what Boris Johnson said about the burqa…but the majority of [Muslims] never come out and say they’re offended when there’s a terrorist attack, or when someone’s been beheaded, or Rotherham”.

“I wouldn’t say that’s true, Rudy. I don’t know what Muslims you’re talking about but generally they condemn all terrorist attacks when they happen,” Graham responded.

“The only come out and say it when political people cause a stink about it,” Rudy protested.

“So your original point was wrong then?” Graham pointed out. “Because now you’re saying they do say it…”

Rudy then turned the conversation onto “people preaching hate speech” and claimed to have heard of a hate preacher in a mosque in Birmingham.

“Which mosque?” Graham challenged him.

“I haven’t got that to hand,” Rudy said, before telling Graham: “There are plenty of facts if you sit down and look at them.”

Graham pointed out that so far, Rudy had not provided any facts.


'Are you a parody?'

He also claimed to know of the existence of Sharia courts - but, similarly to his mosque claims, couldn’t tell Graham where they were located.

Exasperated, Graham asked: “Are you sure you’re not a parody? You don’t like the mainstream media, you don’t like mosques…”

Rudy’s rant became no less bizarre as he claimed that a man from “Eastern Europe” had stolen several thousand pounds worth of musical instruments from him.

Graham didn’t wait to hear Rudy’s tales of Eastern Europe - where he also claimed to have lived.

“Cut this guy off, I’ve had enough of him,” he said. “Idiot.”


Fact check: Are there Sharia courts in the UK?

Sharia councils - not courts - do exist, but they cannot overrule a UK court of law.

They provide guidance and mediation on religious matters and can assist Muslims with marriage, divorce and family matters.

There is no definitive research how many of these councils exist - one study suggests there are 30, other estimates put the figure higher but also include informal set-ups like online forums.

Listen to the full conversation above.