Mike Graham rips up Daily Mail over Robert Jenrick claim

Friday, April 10, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has hit out at another newspaper over its front page claims today, this time ripping up the Daily Mail.

The paper had criticised Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick for having visited his elderly parents despite coronavirus rules, with the headline “So much for lockdown, Minister!”

But Mr Jenrick has insisted that his visit was within government guidelines since he had been delivering food and essential medical supplies.

He wrote on Twitter: “For clarity - my parents asked me to deliver some essentials - including medicines.

“They are both self-isolating due to age and my father’s medical condition and I respected social distancing rules.”

While the government guidelines state you should not visit anyone who lives outside your own home, including elderly relatives, you are allowed to “leave your house to help them, for example by dropping shopping or medication at their door”.

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Mike said the criticism against Mr Jenrick was “ridiculous craziness”.

Tearing the Mail up live on air, he said it was getting “the Guardian treatment”, after he did the same to that publication earlier this week over claims made about Boris Johnson.

He said: “The Daily Mail, I'm sorry guys, normally speaking I would not do this to your paper but today I am going to do it to your paper because I've had enough of this ridiculous craziness by the media.

“You’ve got to stop, completely stop, all of this madness. I don't want any more rubbish coming out of the newspapers when it's not required.”

Meanwhile, Labour MP Meg Hillier told talkRADIO that she sympathised with Mr Jenrick’s “dilemma” but that he needs to “think carefully”.

She told Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I wouldn’t want to judge him personally because people have to make those decisions…I think that’s a human reaction but I think he does need to think carefully.

“He is there standing at the press conference giving advice to everybody else. Really you can’t dish it out if you can’t follow it yourself.”

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