Mike Graham rips up Daily Mirror over Matt Hancock criticism

Thursday, April 16, 2020

talkRADIO’s Mike Graham has ripped-up a copy of the Daily Mirror for criticising Matt Hancock’s handling of the coronavirus crisis.

The paper said the Health Secretary’s plan to give social-care workers a so-called badge of honour to recognise their work was bewildering considering the number of people dying in care.

“As hundreds die in care homes and desperate staff plead for personal protective equipment, under-fire Health Secretary Matt Hancock offers them…a badge – unbelievable,” it said.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham also questioned the plan. “Of all the things long-suffering social care staff in England most need, I would put a badge close to bottom of the list,” he tweeted.

But Mike Graham tore the paper to shreds live on air and said it should be “absolutely and utterly ashamed” of its stance as it was campaigning for medical staff to receive a medal for their services.

Mr Hancock claimed the badges would become national symbols to help people recognise care staff.

Speaking to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley Brewer he said: “Supermarkets put on extra times when NHS staff can go in, well that can now be NHS and care staff.

“People are misjudging it if they think people in social care don’t want or deserve recognition.”

Last week, Mike tore up copies of The Guardian and Daily Mail newspapers for publishing stories he suggested were not accurate.

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