Mike Graham rips up Guardian over Boris Johnson claim

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Mike Graham has ripped up his copy of The Guardian live on talkRADIO over its front page claims of “power vacuum fears” in government.

The newspaper was referring to Boris Johnson’s coronavirus hospitalisation, leaving Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise “where necessary”.

The article said Mr Raab had been “denied authority to act”, due to the fact that without the Prime Minister, a lot of the decision making power still belongs to the Cabinet.

Mike said: “Looking at The Guardian front page this morning, picture of Dominic Raab, the headline says: ‘Power vacuum fears as Prime Minister remains in intensive care’.

“Now I’ve read the story. There is nothing in that story where anyone is quoted as saying there are fears over a power vacuum, there’s nobody saying it, except for the Guardian.”

He criticised the reporting, saying: “If I was editing it, I'd say to them… I’m just absolutely not going to stand for this unless you get me a quote from someone who says we're worried about a power vacuum.”

Mike then took his Guardian copy, ripped it to pieces and hurled it across the studio.

He told listeners: “Do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to rip it up, I’m going to rip the Guardian up right now, live on the radio, it’s absolute rubbish.”

Some disagreed with the move.

Twitter user Ray Comerford said: “What a stupid thing to do? Is it not a valid question when there [sic] actually no provision for replacement of PM?”.

Mike challenged him, saying: “Journalism is about facts. Writing a headline that no on is quoted as saying is invention and fiction.”

Mr Comerford replied: “If journalism is about facts, the finger should point at many other newspapers than the Guardian.”

talkRADIO approached the Guardian, who declined to comment.

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