Mike Graham: ‘There’s a problem with this country and knives’

Mike Graham: ‘There’s a problem with this country and knives’

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Mike Graham has said that the UK needs to admit that the country has a problem with knife possession, after 69 people were detained by police on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon at Notting Hill Carnival.

On his talkRADIO show, Graham said: “You have to admit that there is a problem in this country now with possession of knives.

“An awful lot of the crime that is committed is committed by people who are carrying knives.

“There are an awful lot of stabbings going on and we have got a rising level of stabbings and something has to be done.”


‘A rising tide of people carrying knives’

Mr Graham asked guest Ken Hinds, a stop and search campaigner, what he suggested was done about knife crime.

Mr Hinds said: “You’re right, there is a rising tide of people carrying knives particularly because people say that they do not feel safe on the streets.

“What the young people tell me is that they would much rather be caught with their knife than be caught without it because to be caught without could cost them their lives.

“If there is that fear factor we have got to address it because no amount of over-policing can get to the issue of people being afraid enough to carry a knife.

“We got to stop them carrying a knife and this is about education. This is about support from all aspects of the community.

“We have got to work with all different groups to make it happen.”


Stop and search

Scotland Yard imposed a Section 60 order (meaning police can stop and search attendees) across the Notting Hill carnival's geographical area between 9am and 11.59pm on Monday.

The order allows officers to search people if they believe they may be carrying offensive weapons or in anticipation of violence.

Among the items seized were knives, a metal pole and a Taser.

Notting Hill Carnival Gold Commander Dave Musker said: "On Sunday, my officers along with colleagues from the British Transport Police arrested 133 individuals for a range of offences and 20 weapons were seized, including knives.

"I am confident that the Section 60 order imposed yesterday prevented these dangerous items being brought to Carnival, and based on the intelligence at my disposal, I consider it proportionate and necessary to ensure a safe Carnival today."