Mike Parry blasts 'army of do-gooders' in fierce junk food debate

Mike Parry and journalist Alex Proud have a fierce debate over banning online food adverts

The ban would include images of cartoon characters such as Ronald McDonald

Thursday, December 8, 2016

An "army of do-gooders" have convinced people that the state will take care of everything and led to a sharp decline in parenting standards, says Mike Parry.

The talkSPORT and talkRADIO star had a combative debate with journalist Alex Proud on Sam Delaney's show, in the wake of news that online adverts for fatty food and drink are to be banned.

Parry told Sam Delaney: "When you’re six you have a parent, and if your parent doesn’t guide you through life the way they should, it’s bad parenting.

"Bad parenting comes about because for the last two or three decades we’ve been told the state will look after things."

Proud took a sharply different view, saying: "We have to grow up and realise children need to be protected, sadly from ridiculously bad parents.

"Kids are eating dreadful food, [and] diseases which are to do with eating food are going to destroy the NHS."

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