Mike Parry reveals why he made 'the most sensible decision of all' to avoid marriage

Mike Parry claims he made 'the most sensible decision of all' on love

The Two Mikes revealed more about their love life

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Two Mikes have revealed more about their love life, which doesn't seem to have been very smooth running for either of them.

Mike Parry revealed that the reason he's currently single is because he never met 'the one' and claims he "made the most sensible decision of all. I thought 'well, I’m not going to compromise now.'

"I’m not going to compromise and say 'well, ok, this is two thirds the one or this is half the one, or three quarters the one," he explained. "I didn’t meet the one so I didn’t bother."

Meanwhile Mike Graham told the story of meeting his first wife at the University of Bath, however it didn't end well as, when they separated, she "drove especially to Bath, where we had met, to throw the wedding ring in the river."

They made the comments whilst talking to probability theory professor Andreas Kyprianou from the University of Bath where researchers found on average people have a 1 in 562 chance of finding 'the one.'

Kyprianou said: "It’s not a likely event [to find the one], on the other hand it shows that your odds are a lot better than hopeless."

The study also found the older you are the more chance you have, "because essentially you’ve got a better ability to judge what you like."

So perhaps there's still hope for Parry to find 'the one' yet.

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