Million pound divorce case comes down to who owns the curtains

Sir Andrew Cook is a major Tory donor

Friday, June 28, 2019

A million pound divorce case has been closed after a judge ruled on the ownership of the curtains in their former home.

Conservative Party donor Sir Andrew Cook and interior designer Baroness Angelika Hirsch-Stronstorff have run up £1 million in lawyer’s bills while arguing over less than £2 milion.

Lawyers representing Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff said she was seeking £2.8 million in the divorce, but Sir Andrew had only offered £2 million.

One sticking point in the case was who owned the curtains in the house they had shared in London.

Sir Andrew was keeping the house, but Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff had retained the contents and said the curtains belonged to her.

The judge ruled the curtains should stay in the home.

But he said if Sir Andrew sold the house in the next five years, he must split the money with his ex-wife.

Justice Holman said he was glad the court fight was over, and the marriage had been a “disaster”.

The court heard Sir Andrew was worth around £25 million, while Baroness Hirsch-Stronstorff was worth about £4 million.

The former couple were not arguing their combined wealth should be shared equally, and have now settled out-of-court.

Sir Andrew is the chairman of steel firm William Cook, and was treasurer of the Conservative In campaign.

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