Millions of Brits happy to take risks on out of date food

Shoppers will risk food up to 10 days past its use by date

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Britons are willing to ignore best before dates on supermarket staples for over a week, according to a study.

The poll of 2,000 adults found people will enjoy fruit and vegetables nine days past their shelf-life, consume cheese ten days after its best before, and eat bread five days past its best.

Those polled would cook fish and raw meat three days past its use by date.

Despite this, the research commissioned by dairy company Arla Cravendale found more than half of UK households still wish fresh food lasted longer.

And nearly one third of UK households admitted throwing out food on a weekly basis.

Milk and bread were the main culprits for waste.

Recent figures from sustainability charity WRAP showed 490 million pints of milk are wasted every year across the UK.

Emma Stanbury from Arla Cravendale said: “It’s always a shame when things go to waste, especially when it comes to fresh foods such as milk.”

“We are often told by consumers that they feel guilty when have to pour milk away,” she said.

The study found two-thirds of people will perform a sniff test to see if milk is on the way out.

Food waste campaigner Kate Colquhoun said food waste remains an underreported part of the “environmental jigsaw”.

“There are so many small practical things we can do to minimise the amount we each chuck out.”

She said when it comes to milk “fresh filtered milk simply lasts longer”, making it less likely to be poured down the sink.

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