'A minister with courage would end the Southern Rail mess' - Christian Wolmar calls out Chris Grayling

Southern Rail Strike: Chris Grayling 'needs to roll up his sleeves and sort it out', says Christian Wolmar

Southern Rail worker

Monday, December 19, 2016

Christian Wolmar has called on Chris Grayling to form a compromise between the RMT and Southern Rail. 

Today conductors went on strike in another walkout, leading to more travel misery for commuters. Last week industrial action derailed Southern Rail completely, as three days of strikes saw services cancelled across the entire network. 

Post office workers also went on strike today, while British Airways cabin crews have planned a strike for the Christmas weekend.

Unions like the RMT have been blasted for showing "contempt" for ordinary people. Now Wolmar, a Labour Party politician, has called on the transport secretary to "roll up his sleeves"

"There must be a compromise on both sides," he told Sam Delaney. "Maybe they'll have an arraignment in which the conductors will continue in their role.

"We need to bang their heads [Southern Rail and RMT] together, but it is the Government that is pulling the strings.

"Chris Grayling needs to roll up his sleeves and sort it out. A minister with courage could do it."