‘Mod cons’ save people an average of 13 days a year

‘Mod cons’ save people an average of 13 days a year

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Modern conveniences, such as contactless payments and microwaves, save people an average of 51 minutes a day, a study has found – the equivalent of 13 days a year.

The washing machine was named as the modern invention that had most improved people’s lives, followed by the fridge, a smartphone and online banking.

The study, which polled 2,000 UK adults, found that a third “would not be able to cope” without the likes of dishwashers and contactless payments.

But, three quarters believed that many of items such as smart TVs are overpriced.



The study commissioned by Heathrow Express, which recently introduced contactless payments on all services, found that 86 per cent of those polled believed technology will continue to make life even easier in the future.

A spokesperson for Heathrow Express said: “We are so used to having washing machines, fridges and so on that’s it easy to forget what a difference they make to day to day life.

“We commissioned this research to find out which ones we rely on most and to see if any newer tech is now seen as essential by Brits.

“Traditional white goods took the top spots but newer tech such as smartphones, online banking and contactless payments featured prominently suggesting they are integral to our daily routine.”

Four in 10 people also said that the technology had helped them in a tricky situation – such as paying with their phone when they have forgotten their wallet.

The research carried out by OnePoll also found the average Briton makes three contactless payments a day on average using their card or mobile device.