Monarch pilots had to pay money to find out they'd lost their jobs, union claims

Union claims Monarch workers had to spend money on a hotline to find out they'd lost their jobs

BALPA said pilots who couldn't make a personal meeting were asked to call a premium hotline (Credit: Twitter @Mraviationguy)

Thursday, October 5, 2017

A union has claimed some pilots at Monarch Airlines were told to call a premium hotline to discover they had lost their jobs. 

The British Airline Pilots Association (Balpa) said some former employees of the airline who weren't able to hold face-to-face meetings about their future, were told to ring a number for the news. 

The union claims some paid in the region of £40 just to hear their redundancy packages read out to then.

Balpa's general secretary, Brian Strutton, described the treatment of former employees during the ongoing fallout as "appalling" and "unbelievably cold-hearted."

More than 1,800 employees at the airline lost their jobs after it went into administration this week. 

Efforts to repatriate thousands of British citizens abroad who had been booked on Monarch flights are ongoing.