'Money should be spent on poor people before things go wrong instead of afterwards', says Big Issue founder

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The founder of The Big Issue said prison works against people

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The way money is spent on poor people needs to be reinvented to reach them before things go wrong, rather than afterwards, according to the founder of The Big Issue.

A report by the Social Mobility Commission has warned that unless there is radical reform, social and economic divisions in Britain will widen even more.

Baron John Bird told Paul Ross: "The money does come to the poorest, but it’s when things have gone wrong.

"We’ve got to reinvent government, budget and how we spend our money. Society seems to be obsessed with things that have gone wrong.

"I was one of the most outrageous forms of those children who then ended up in the prison system where I learned to read and write."

Back then, he said, "the prison system worked for the young people" but now "mainly, [it] works against people."

"If you look at the fact that 80 per cent of people who end up in prison failed at school, then you have to go back to the school," he claimed. "If you actually look at the school system the school system fails."

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