Monkey clings to soft toys after his parents were killed by poachers

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The monkey was rescued by the Wildlife Friends Foundation

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A wildlife charity in Thailand has released pictures of a macaque monkey which clings to two cuddly toys for comfort - after his parents were killed by poachers.

The pig-tail macaque named Mongkood was rescued by the foundation after he was sold as a pet on the black market, according to Antena 3.

Before he was sold, a poacher had killed the rest of his family, leaving him orphaned.

Mongkood still cries due to feeling lonely and his ordeal has left him fearful.

Staff at the foundation gave him two soft toys as a form of comfort, one is white and one is orange. Now Mongkood never lets them go.

Poaching is a major threat to the population of the pig-tail monkey and numbers are expected to continue falling.

Those that are captured and sold are often used to collect coconuts or as performers in circuses.

See photos of Mongkood below