'The most horrendous type of attack' - Security expert condemns Bastille Day attack in Nice

'The most horrendous type of attack' - Security expert condemns Bastille Day attack in Nice

The truck in the aftermath of the attack, bullet holes clearly able to be seen in the window

Friday, July 15, 2016

Security expert Will Geddes has condemned the attack in Nice which has left at least 84 people dead. 

Shortly after a fireworks display to mark the end of Bastille Day, a truck drove for two kilometres through heavy crowds on the city's Promenade des Anglais, zig-zagging to hit as many people as possible. 

The attack ended when the French authorities shot and killed the driver. According to unconfirmed reports in the French media, ISIS have claimed responsibility. 

Geddes explained how this attack was clearly pre-planned.

"This is the most horrendous type of attack," he told Paul Ross. "This has obviously been very well considered. 

"It is a large vehicle. The back of it was filled with various armaments and explosives.

"This is France's equivalent of the USA's fourth of July. It's concerning to see what kind of response or protective measures were put in place by the French authorities, particularly because this is so high-profile and would be a natural target for extremists."

While detailed information is yet to be released on the driver, Geddes confirmed what is already known at this point.

"We're looking at an individual whose profile is approximately 31 years old," he told Paul Ross. "He is a French national, although of Tunisian descent. 

"From what we know, it's believed the individual could have been working with others. There is the belief there is another individual working as an associate.

"There are some potential dots one can immediately start joining."